Work liberated with faster and more intuitive document management

You want quick results with document management? They are just around the corner. Our basic module makes document management in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX, CRM and SharePoint fast, efficient and intuitive.


Easy: a user-friendly drag & drop function helps you quickly add documents and move them to their destination.

A small change with a huge impact:

  • Faster input of new documents
  • No more endless dialogue boxes or drop-down menus
  • More intuitive and efficient managing
  • No longer searching for a document, you immediately find the right document from the right entity
  • In short: you work liberated and can carry out more work with less effort

But this is just
the tip of the iceberg

Our story doesn’t stop with document management basics. The Ex Arte application is the only solution to work end-to-end. We automate all incoming, internal and outgoing document flows for optimal efficiency.