The path of least resistance with smart automation

Unlock your organisation’s growth potential by accelerating slow workflows and administrative processes. Liberated processes are the engine of a growth oriented organisation.

Not a delivery model, but a service model

Our experts will teach you how to get the most out of our system and will be more than happy to help you look for a solution for every problem. We strive for an optimal user experience.


Integrated customisation accelerates

Using the results of our analysis, we are going to eliminate inhibitors to growth and optimise all flows. Based on the Ex Arte software, our experts will create a custom solution that eliminates your specific problems and supports your plan for growth.

Smart digitisation: we analyse the administrative flows and the business processes behind it.

  • Structure, manage and automate all your incoming document flows. Without any additional visual levels: our application will be integrated in your Microsoft interfaces.
  • Wait no longer for signed contracts. Accelerate and simplify your process with digital signatures.
  • Accelerate your cash flow with automated sales invoice.
  • Other customer, other supplier, other e-format? Our e-platform will take care of it for you.
  • Access to the information and documents in your ERP, always and everywhere, thanks to our far-reaching SharePoint integration.
  • Take care of approval flows quickly and easily, where and whenever you want to.

As specialised main contractor we struggle with lots of documents. This slowed down our business, so we went looking for a way to make this process more efficient, allowing us to focus on our core business: our building sites.

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How do we always get the right document to the right person?

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Services and add-ons which actually create value

Our e-platform:

A carefree processing of all document formats, on paper or digital.

Automatic conversion to the desired readable formats for smooth processing.

Full support of the e-Prior system (Mercurius).

Sign documents digitally with DocuSign

Sign documents digitally: always, everywhere and on any connected device.

100% safe, thanks to the certified DocuSign software.

Expense reports

Are you fed up with stapled piles of expense reports? Try our digital solution.