Can going paperless cost you even more time?

Sooner or later, your business’s admin will need to go digital too. From this year, anyone invoicing government authorities needs to do so electronically, using the PEPPOL format. You have probably noticed more and more customers and suppliers asking to receive contracts, purchase orders, quotes, invoices and delivery notes electronically.

Perhaps you have already found that you lose even more time on admin with a half-automated approach…

Digitalisation is not an IT project – it’s a business project

If you start your digitalisation process without a solid plan in place, chances are that you’ll waste even more time on admin. Because customer A wants everything on hard copy, supplier B needs an XML file, while customer C prefers paper invoices but purchase orders in PDF. Before you know it, nothing is being done centrally, you’re making more mistakes than before, your IT team is snowed under and ultimately you have to wait longer for your invoices to be paid by your customers.

So why make work harder for yourself? A single document can be sent or received in a variety of ways through digital command centres, one example being the e-Platform from Ex Arte. You can automatically exchange different types of electronic documents with customers, suppliers and third parties. Your IT department doesn’t need to be tied up every time there’s a new file format or a change to the transfer method. The Ex Arte e-Platform manages it for you.

And what’s more, you don’t need to worry about government, customer or supplier requirements and standards in terms of security, privacy and legal validity. With the Ex Arte module, you can add new customers and suppliers with ease. You just need to enter their preferences and, from then on, invoices and other electronic documents are automatically sent and received in the right format. And if you want to check whether documents – digital or not – have been sent or approved, you can view their status at any time using a familiar Microsoft application.

Competitive advantage

In a rapidly changing word, businesses need to remain agile. Digitalising your paper mounds doesn’t need to be complicated – you just need to focus on your business’s needs. Digitalisation must be a step towards improving efficiency and growth. That’s why the Ex Arte e-Platform is integrated as standard into your Microsoft Dynamics software.

It might be a good idea to map out all the types of business documents that you deal with. Then look at digitalising not just the documents themselves, but the processes surrounding them. That way you keep costs down – with less paper, lower postage costs, less interference, less chance of a dispute, quicker handling, full digitalisation, low archiving costs and quicker payment.

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