Ex Arte Partner Acceleration Highlights

Last month we were delighted to welcome our partners to our Partner Acceleration Day. An inspiring event that revolved around one clear question: How can Ex Arte help you accelerate your business and offer value to your customers?

We gave our partners an interactive perspective on Ex Arte’s renewed corporate vision, our strategy and our take on value added partnerships. Find out how your fellow-partners will boost their business from now on.

Building on a solid strategy

Our company has transformed quite a bit over the past year: new products and services, new people, a sharper business focus and a new positioning. ‘It has been quite the journey, indeed’, said An Vander Aa (CEO Ex Arte). ‘But before we could take our company to the next level, we needed to take a step back and listen to our customers, our partners and our team. Our business is not just about building high-end software solutions, it’s about making people’s lives easier and improving business processes. We had to shift our focus back to our customers and connect with them on a personal and business level. Not just on a technical level.’

Ex Arte’s purpose can be summarized as ‘Free your document flows’. An Vander Aa explains: ‘Our purpose connects our expertise with our customers’ needs and the experience they expect from a partner decided to support their digital transformation. We tailored our service offering to these needs and positioned our platform and solutions accordingly.’

Discover our exciting product roadmap

The Ex Arte platform continuously evolves, driven by the rapid changes in both the technological and business fields. This year we’ve worked hard on introducing some cool novelties to our software. Have a look and discover the benefits for your business:

  • The Expense App: A mobile expense application that frees one of the most dreaded document flows: expense notes. The app lets you file your expense notes by simply taking a picture and upload it in the app. You can also leave some extra information necessary for a correct financial booking and reporting. No time to finish the expense note on the spot? No problem, our app lets you edit the expense note multiple times before filing it.
    And above all, we go again the extra mile by supporting your process the whole way including approval workflow, ERP booking and document archiving.
  • Our e-Platform: Our customers told us they needed a platform that takes e-exchange again to the next level. So we made what they really need; a platform that takes care of all possible incoming and outgoing e-formats (EDI, UBL 2.1 or other xml-formats). From now on your customer can just say ‘yes’ to any demand from suppliers or customers regarding e-formats. We take care of the mapping, the monitoring and the legal archive. We will also operate as a Peppol Access Point.
  • Ex Arte 6.0: The question is not ‘To cloud or not to cloud’ but when … That’s why we’re finalising our fully cloud-enabled platform. Our next major release will be fully Azure Services enabled.

Exciting times ahead. Want to learn more about our roadmap and plans for the future? Or do you want to have a look at how these innovations impact your business?

Drop us a line or email, we’ll be happy to help!

Go and boost that business!

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