In terms of the turnaround for our purchase invoices, the process no longer takes a month, but just 5 days

Tom Coudyser - Accountant

Jacops expands its efficient document management

We have grown tremendously as a construction company in a relatively short space of time following a number of takeovers. This growth has increased our number of invoices tenfold. Our processes were very time consuming and were made more difficult by this expansion. We needed a partner that could help us to optimise our purchase invoicing processes.

Time-consuming process

Invoices had to be approved and paid manually, which was very time-consuming. This entire process could take up to a month. Several copies of one invoice were also in circulation, meaning an efficient filing system was a necessary evil. In addition, we weren’t able to maintain an overview and track everything in a structured way. Ex Arte was brought in to optimise our purchase invoice process and reduce our mountain of paperwork.

Advice tailored to our workflow

After a preliminary discussion, Ex Arte visited our office to check out our current process. This gave them a good picture of our workflow for dealing with incoming invoices. Based on their experience, they were able to advise us and support us in choosing the right strategy.

Efficient and effective solution

Ex Arte were able to implement their solution quickly. Thanks to Ex Arte, our purchase invoices are now scanned, which has considerably shortened our turnaround time for these invoices. The process no longer takes a month, but just 5 days, which has had an enormous impact on our business. The amount of time spent on processing purchase invoices has also been significantly reduced. Finally, our invoices are now stored in our ERP system much more quickly, which means it’s easier to keep track of things. So now we can connect customers directly to the right person.

Further collaboration on the cards

We are very satisfied with our collaboration with Ex Arte and would not hesitate to recommend them. Ex Arte are one of the strongest players in document management. They has an exceptional product that it can also rapidly deploy.
Plus, communication is clear and queries are dealt with within a day. As far as we are concerned, our collaboration does not stop here and we are certainly hoping to continue this success story for other sales invoices and purchase orders.

The result

  • Greater overview and structured tracking system
  • Less time required for dealing with purchase invoices
  • Faster turnaround for purchase invoices: 5 days instead of one month
  • Customers are directly connected to the right contact

About Jacops

  • Sector: Construction company
  • 300 employees
  • Turnover: 30 million euros
  • Accountant: Tom Coudyser