“Administration is a necessary part of every organisation. How you deal with this makes a world of difference.”

Guy De Knaep - IT manager at Renotec

Gearing up with Renotec

As specialised main contractor we struggle with lots of documents. This slowed down our business, so we went looking for a way to make this process more efficient, allowing us to focus on our core business: our building sites.


We were looking for a digital partner who would thoroughly investigate our process and hand us solutions for faster and more efficient administrative processing.

One of our challenges for Ex Arte was reducing the many manual operations to quickly send the various documents to the right people. On top of that, we needed everything integrated in our existing systems, among which Microsoft Dynamics Navision


As a true digital partner, Ex Arte has digitised our processes in several stages and at the same time optimised them. The first obstacle: our approval flows for purchase orders and invoices. These need to be approved by several people. Ex Arte provided a digital box which immediately takes everything to the right people, accelerating and optimising the process.

The next step was our digital filing. Ex Arte’s digital filing system integrates perfectly in our Microsoft Dynamics Navision environment. For added usability, we can offer it through SharePoint, and mobile as well. The system is also very reliable and everything is fully synchronised within the Ex Arte archive.


The digitisation of our subcontracting agreements has had a huge impact. We used to lose a lot of time with the internal paper process that all contracts had to undergo. They had to be sent by mail, manually signed and sent again. This could take days. Now it’s just a matter of minutes.

Another innovative change is use of the DocuSign module. This allows our subcontractors to digitally sign documents upon receipt and sent them back immediately. Ex Arte has mapped and digitised this process very well. The efficiency gain is unbelievable.

We were so happy with this process that we decided to digitise all document flows, such as in- and outgoing invoices and expense reports, with Ex Arte. This will simplify our lives and that of our customers tremendously.

The result

  •    A custom solution for our specific bottlenecks.
  •    Digitisation of our core operational processes
  •    Efficiency gain and higher satisfaction among employees and customers

About Renotec

  •  Sector: Construction and restoration works
  • +600 employees
  • Turnover: 110M €
  • CIO: Guy de Knaep