Discover the impact of free document flows

Free document flows make for happy customers. We are absolutely positive about that. Are you curious about the impact of document management on the efficiency and growth of your organisation? Our customers will gladly explain it to you:

Jacops expands its efficient document management

We have grown tremendously as a construction company in a relatively short space of time following a number of takeovers. This growth has increased our number of invoices tenfold. Our processes were very time consuming and were made more difficult by this expansion. We needed a partner that could help us to optimise our purchase invoicing processes.

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Construction and restoration works

As specialised main contractor we struggle with lots of documents. This slowed down our business, so we went looking for a way to make this process more efficient, allowing us to focus on our core business: our building sites.

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Sporting goods manufacturer

Fast and perfect processing of over 45,000 incoming invoices per financial year. The resulting huge efficiency gain allows Asics to focus on its growth.

Jansen Building Group

Construction and restoration company

Document request, approval and archiving processing times of over 10 days are no more, thanks to the automatic document flow approval and archiving.


Processing of starch products

Shorter processing times, cheaper invoicing and more control over cash flow with smart text recognition, sophisticated processes and automatic approval flows.

Delta Neu

Specialist in air conditioning, filtration and dust control

Liberated cooperation thanks to the complete automation of the input and approval flows of over 17,000 annual purchase invoices. Fully integrated in Microsoft Dynamics AX.