Ex Arte Corporate Mailroom

If you want more than the usual manual operations that Ex Arte provides, why not use our Corporate Mailroom? This digital mailroom makes automation possible, often linked to certain repetitive processes or volumes, so you can take a step towards going digital with your incoming document flows.

A digital sorting centre

The Corporate Mailroom is like a sorting centre. Various document types and different sources are sorted here and dispatched. Paper documents can be identified automatically, using intelligent character recognition – saving even more time and reducing errors.

Documents in all possible formats are digitally scanned and provided with context (metadata) to be sent to the right place for the right user within your Dynamics environment.


With this module, you can

  • Store various documents in one place, manually and automatically
  • Identify types of document intelligently
  • Give context to documents simply yet effectively
  • Route documents to the next step in your business process, making them available in the right place to the right user thanks to Ex Arte Foundation