Ex Arte Digital Workplace

The Digital Workplace is your digital collaboration platform. Business processes never give 100% within one business application. Collaboration is needed across different applications or with users that do not systematically work in one of your core applications.

Digital Collaboration Platform

The word 'digital' is often thrown around in the business world to refer to a support activity, like developing e-commerce operations, overhauling a website or modifying the marketing process.

But with digital transformation, ‘digital’ forms part of the core of your business and is a key component of your business strategy. Your business must become competitively stronger or in other words: inaction may well lead to a competitive disadvantage, and more quickly than expected, given the current rapid rate of change.


With this module, you can:

  • Set up a digital collaboration platform
  • Get up and running quickly and cost-effectively
  • Link with ERP data, both outgoing and ingoing
  • Operate a role-based interface