Ex Arte e-Platform

The Ex Arte e-Platform means no more headaches when it comes to sending and receiving digital reports. This is because a digital report is more than a PDF; it is structured data that systems can process efficiently.

Your key to the future

Wouldn't it be great if as the IT manager, you could just say ‘yes’ to questions about the business, such as ‘Can we receive format X?’ or ‘Client Y wants to know whether we can provide invoices in an EDI format’?

Are you a supplier to the Belgian government? With the Ex Arte e-Platform, you immediately meet the requirements for submitting invoices on the Mercurius Platform (Peppol).

Are you a supplier to the French government? Ex Arte can easily deliver your invoices on the Chorus Pro platform.

But more often than not, we find that the e-Platform provides a simple answer to these questions on e-communications, such as orders, order confirmations, dispatch notes, invoices and credit notes. Thanks to our platform approach, you simplify all the issues surrounding integration, monitoring, archiving and distribution. You are ready for an improved ecosystem with customers and suppliers.


With this module, you can:

  • Get out-of-the-box compliance with Mercurius (Peppol) and Chorus Pro
  • Enjoy single standardised integration in your Dynamics ERP
  • Reduce customisation and increase flexibility
  • Take the stress away from your ERP users about which procedure should be followed for which customer/supplier
  • Gain insight into the distribution process
  • Produce a readable format along with the electronic format for user friendliness and auditing purposes