With the e-Signature module, you can sign documents immediately and track them from your Microsoft Dynamics environment. With this module, you don't need any stand-alone solutions to sign digitally.

Complete the circle

e-Signature ensures that each step in the signing process can be tracked perfectly. From sending the request to sign, to automatically receiving and archiving the signed document with the required security guarantee.

Each signed document is given a clear certificate to guarantee the validity of the signature.

In this way, you complete the circle from your Dynamics environment as quickly as possible to develop your business process further with as little effort as possible.


With this module, you can:

  • Issue documents to be signed from your Dynamics environment
  • Manage several signatures and choose from different reliable security guarantees to identify the signatories
  • Track the document flow including archiving transparently from the Dynamics application
  • Digitally sign on a mobile device