Ex Arte Foundation

The Ex Arte Foundation forms the basis of your Ex Arte solution. Foundation runs in your Microsoft Dynamics environment and is the beating heart of your document processes.

How did you ever do without it?

Ex Arte Foundation contains so many essential functions that work so seamlessly with your Dynamics environment that you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

Foundation underpins your Ex Arte solution within Dynamics AX. From here you can streamline your business with the following modules:


With this module, you can

  • Move documents to your Dynamics environment with the Drag & Drop function
  • Import emails and attachments including their context into your Dynamics environment using the Outlook plug-in
  • Enjoy maximum ease of use through the Ex Arte embedded viewer
  • Find documents within the Dynamics context with the search feature
  • Archive documents in an intelligent way so you can make them accessible to other applications
  • Annotate documents while keeping them in their original format
  • Distribute documents and attachments across multiple channels with ease