Ex Arte Output Management

With the user-friendly Output Management module, you can create and manage templates for your outgoing document flow. Once the documents are created, they are immediately saved in the Ex Arte archive and automatically made available in the locations you choose within the Dynamics ERP environment.

You can even distribute the documents you create straight away, by email, post, xml and more. This means you share the right document with the right person internally and externally.

Unleash your creativity

No extra programming is required to create a new template within your Dynamics environment. Using Output Management, you can create a template in Word and then feed it through the ERP and/or CRM system, with a high degree of customisation and flexibility in the layouts.
Complex document creation is what we do – from cross-application documents to complex documents packed with photographs or comprising a variety of attachments...

Ex Arte Output Management gets the job done. And as the cherry on top, you can also let your creative juices flow in your outgoing document layouts if you want to.


With this module, you can

  • Create templates in Microsoft Word with ease
  • Identify and use the correct template while generating a document
  • Automatically archive in PDF format in the Ex Arte archive
  • Distribute your outgoing documents with an accompanying email and any attachments
  • Make sure documents are automatically available in the right place within your Dynamics environment
  • Dig up and delete any duplicated documents
  • Connect seamlessly to the Ex Arte e-signature module