Ex Arte Workflow

The Workflow module is the workhorse of your digital processes.

You can initiate approval or information flows based on a certain document in your business process, so that it is in the hands of the right people straight away, along with the request for approval or addition of required information, for example to make a correct entry in your accounts.

Save time - it's that simple

Experience the sheer joy of automation with the Workflow module. Incoming and outgoing documents are immediately sent to the right person to be approved or rejected. You can also request additional information from your approvers.

The information obtained through the workflow can then be used to guide the next step in your process, so that everything runs on time, such as meeting deadlines for the payment discount on supplier invoices.

Each step in the workflow process is accurately updated, so that the history can be traced and consulted.


With this module, you can:

  • Set up document flows with conditions
  • Access document flows beyond the ERP through a browser
  • Enjoy complete transparency of the document status from the ERP environment
  • Optimise processes by drawing on our expertise