Save time, resources and people with more efficient document flows

More efficient processes are liberating. Do away with annoying, repetitive and expensive administrative processes and document flows. This will free up time for more important affairs and heighten your organisation’s operational efficiency.

Step 1

A multi-format solution for all incoming documents

Paper, Word, pdf, e-mail, … Our solution can handle every format. We digitise all your documents, no matter their format, and immediately store them in the right place within your Dynamics ERP, Dynamics CRM or SharePoint environment.

Step 2

The right data at the right place

Reading, processing and inputting documents takes an enormous amount of time and increases the chance of mistakes. That’s why we are happy to do it for you. Ex Arte reads in the data relevant to you, and subsequently stores it in the right place in your system.

The documents need to be checked or approved by several people first? We map your processes from end to end and liberate them from all unnecessary manual tasks, ensuring a more efficient document circulation.

Step 3

Create and distribute the right document automatically

What to do with outgoing documents or internal messages? We work end-to-end.

This means that Ex Arte creates and distributes purchase and delivery orders, payment reminders and certificates in PDF format among other things. And this all fully automated.

You can do more with the same amount of people: a huge efficiency gain!

  • Got an audit coming up? With Ex Arte all documents are within reach.
  • Automate your cash flow and never again miss out on a payment discount.
  • Stop searching for the right documents by drilling down in your ERP.
  • Don’t wait for approvals, manage them.
  • Automatically assign costs to the appropriate entries and costs centres.
  • Optimise sending and processing of email attachments.