Ex Arte Competence Center

From the Ex Arte Competence Centre, Ex Arte delivers a host of training and support services to its partners.
But if a partner didn’t have the expertise needed to install, implement, integrate, configure, set parameters for and support a system for its end user, the partner and the end user can call on the services of the Ex Arte Competence Centre.


Partners can count on the Ex Arte Competence Centre to provide training on aspects including the installation, implementation, parameterisation, operation and use of Ex Arte software.
End users, on the other hand, can contact the partner or come straight to the Ex Arte Competence Centre for user training on Ex Arte software.


Ex Arte will support partners or, subject to agreements, end users directly in areas such as:

  • Functional aspects of the software
  • Technical aspects of the software
  • Involvement in customisation, analysis, etc.
  • Commercial support

Support Desk

Partners and end users alike can always call on the Ex Arte Support Desk.

The Ex Arte Support Desk can be reached 24/7 via the customer portal, where any questions or problems can be logged using the ticketing system.
The ticketing system allows customers and partners to track the progress of their ticket. The Ex Arte Service Desk is staffed between business hours on working days. Ex Arte does its utmost to deliver the support required within a reasonable timeframe, but reserves the right to set conditions and priorities according to the nature and severity of tickets.

To increase its speed of response, Ex Arte aims to resolve as many issues as possible remotely, although assistance can also be provided to clients on site.

Customer and partners requiring an even higher level of support can contact their Ex Arte Account Manager to discuss the possibilities of an SLA (Service Level Agreement) and Managed Services Contract.

Maintenance contract with end users

End users can enter into an Ex Arte Software maintenance agreement, whether through a partner or Ex Arte directly.

The maintenance contract gives users:

  • Access to the Ex Arte Competence Centre
  • Access to the Ex Arte Service Desk
  • Upgrades (new versions) and updates (improvements to existing versions) for Ex Arte software
  • Bug fixes (technical rectifications)
  • Support for the current version of Ex Arte software and each previous version

The maintenance contract does not cover:

  • Programming or customisation
  • Data conversion
  • Upgrade/update installation services

Even with Ex Arte maintenance services, partners and/or customers are still responsible for managing their software properly and with care.

Statement of Direction

As Ex Arte is strongly focused on the Microsoft Dynamics suite, we are committed to offer support for the same versions of Microsoft Dynamics that are supported by Microsoft. Our solution evolves also with every new version of Dynamics which is fully in line with our commitment to our customers and Dynamics partners as a long term business partner.

Microsoft’s release schedules for the different Microsoft Dynamics products (AX, NAV and CRM) vary and might be subject to last minute release date changes. Please contact our support desk for further information on our Ex Arte release dates.


The Ex Arte Competence Centre and Ex Arte Service Desk are open on working days (Monday to Friday) during business hours (09:00-12:30 and 13:30-17:00 or until 16:30 on Fridays, CET), excluding Belgian public holidays and long weekends (bridge days).

Tel: +32 56 740 730


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